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Web Safety & Security

In recent years, it’s no secret there’s been an uptick in online and phone scams—whether it be through social media, email, or another platform. Several EAA Chapters have been targeted or fallen victim to these scams, including an EAA Chapter out of Pennsylvania that lost hundreds of dollars.

At first glance, the scams can be very believable and often include an email that appears to be coming from someone within the chapter. They generally request payment for goods, dues, or other services. Scammers can impersonate someone within the chapter and appear knowledgeable about the roles of chapter members, locations of meetings, and events going on within the chapter.

It’s important to recognize much of the information scammers present is publicly available through newsletters, websites, social media, and online directories; they shouldn’t be believed just because they have this information. It’s also important to recognize almost all payments and transactions within the chapter take place in person or by payment to a local address—virtually never through wire transfer, prepaid cards, gift cards, or services such as MoneyGram.

EAA Chapter 569 and/or its leaders will never contact you via email to send money or make a payment, especially unsolicited. If at anytime you receive a suspicious message or a request asking you to send money, STOP. Do not engage with the sender or click any links in the email. If you ever have any doubt, verify the request in person or via phone (with a verified phone number belonging to the person, NOT a phone number given in a suspicious email).

The scammers will probably always be out there, but by taking some precautions and exercising vigilance, you can help ensure you are not a victim.