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Chapter Toolbox

What is the Chapter Toolbox?
The Chapter Toolbox is full of tools that are available for members to use, free of charge, for as long as they want. This saves members a lot of money, because rather than going and purchasing a lot of expensive tools, you can simply borrow them and return them when you’re done with them.

Where do the tools come from?
Chapter 569 has purchased a few items for members to check out and some chapter members have generously donated items to the toolbox for members to check-out.

Who can check-out tools from the Chapter Toolbox?
The items listed on the Toolbox page are available for check-out by Chapter 569 Members only.
Are there any rules for using the toolbox?
We ask that you take care of the tools you check-out. By checking-out an item from the toolbox, you agree that while the item(s) are in your possession, you are responsible for them. If an item is lost, damaged, broken, etc. while in your possession, you are responsible for replacing the item (equal or greater value). Additionally, we do not have any “due dates” or limits for how long tools can be checked out, but we do ask that you return items in a timely manner. On the form, we ask that you give us an estimated time for how long you will need the tool(s); you do not have to return the items by the exact date that you fill-out on the form; we simply don’t want items that aren’t being used to be checked-out.

How do I check-out an item from the toolbox?
To check-out an item from the toolbox, you need to fill-out the Toolbox Check-Out Form.

If you have additional questions regarding the toolbox, or if you are a Chapter 569 member and would like to contribute to the toolbox, contact Doug Volkmer at rv7doug@gmail.com.