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Chapter Toolbox

In addition to the tools in our toolbox, we also have some books and VHS tapes that were donated to the chapter that are available to check-out. They are listed below. If you’re interested in checking out any of these materials, just fill-out the Toolbox Check-Out Form and make note of the book(s)/tape(s) you wish to borrow.

TitleChecked In
IFR Fundamentals: Volume 1 Checked In
IFR Instrument Charts: Volume 2Checked In
IFR Operational Consideration s: Volume 3Checked In
IFR Flight Operations: Volume 4Checked In
Instrument Pilot's Library Series - includes books:
- Training to Proficiency
- Point of Decision
- Sweet Talking the System
- On The Approach
- Weather for the IFR Pilot
- Charts & Plates
- IFR Accidents
- Aircraft Systems
Editors of IFR and IFR RefresherChecked In
Flying On The Gages: A Book About Instrument FlyingBrian M. JacobsenChecked In
The Command Decisions Series - includes books:
- Instrument Operations: Air Safety Considerations During IFR
- Pilot Proficiency: Skillbuilding for Every Pilot
- Human Factors: The Forces Within
- Aircraft Performance: The Forces Without
- Aircraft Systems: Really Knowing Your Airplane
- Aviation Weather: Forces To Be Reckoned With
- Congested Airspace: A Pilot's Guide
Richard Taylor and Kevin GarrisonChecked In
Make Your Airplane Last ForeverNicholas E. SilitchChecked In
The ABC's of Safe FlyingDavid A. FrazierChecked In
The Aviation Consumer's Used Aircraft Guide: Vol. 1Andrew. B DouglasChecked In
The Aviation Consumer's Used Aircraft Guide: Vol. 2Andrew. B DouglasChecked In
Information Manual 1980: Cessna 172N Skyhawk-Checked In
FAA - Instrument Flying Handbook-Checked In
$100 Hamburger: A Guide to Pilot's Favorite Fly-In Restaurants John E. PurnerChecked In
The Proficient Pilot: Volume 1Barry SchiffChecked In
Mountain FlyingSparky ImesonChecked In
Avoiding Common Pilot Errors: An Air Traffic Controller's ViewJohn StewartChecked In
Cross-Country Flying: 3rd EditionR. Randall PadfieldChecked In
IFR Principles and Practice: Second EditionAvram GoldsteinChecked In
Turbulence: A New Perspective for PilotsPeter. F LesterChecked In
Positive FlyingRichard L. Taylor & Wiliam M. GuintherChecked In
The Illustrated Guide to AerodynamicsH.C. "Skip" SmithChecked In
The Proficient PilotBarry SchiffChecked In
Cessna Pilot Center: Professional Manual of Flight-Checked In
The Art of Instrument Flying: 2nd EditionJ.R. WilliamsChecked In
Improve Your Flying Shills: Tips From A ProDonald J. ClausingChecked In
Grumman American Flying Center: Air Studies Manual-Checked In
Flying Without FearDuane Brown, Ph.D.Checked In
I Learned About Flying From ThatEditors of Flying MagazineChecked In
Weather FlyingRobert N. BuckChecked In
Freedom from Fear of FlyingCaptain T.W. Cummings and Robert WhiteChecked In
Straight and Level (Growing up in the '40s)Jack BottsChecked In