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EAA Chapter 569 Videos

B-17 Tour Watch This Video

This video, created by Christi Higgins, consists of pictures and video from the EAA Chapter 569 B-17 Tour when it was in Lincoln in July of 2008. It was shown at the 2008 Holiday Party.


Flying Fun PPC Style Watch This Video

Taken during 2.5 hours of PPC flying on November 17, 2007 at the “Field of Dreams” 2 miles south of Springfield, NE.


Warm Up Flight Watch This Video

This video, taken by Tom, is of Joe Huffman Sr, who brought his PPC to the meeting at the Duncan classroom last year. The video was taken at a sod farm two miles south of Springfield, NE. on June 21, 2008. (before the rain arrived). Paracender 1 with Rotax 447. E280 wing. 220lbs empty wt. 450lbs gross weight. 1200ft MSL. 85 Deg F. Very humid. Zero wind.


Click here to go to EAA’s website and watch some videos from them.