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Missing Ornaments

During the clean-up after the December 7 Christmas party at the SAC museum, a Chapter 569 member discovered that seven of his Hallmark ornament airplanes, provided only as table decorations, were missing. There is also one missing from last year. Again, please understand they were not placed on the tables as party favors. These keepsake ornaments are no longer available from Hallmark and are only sourced through individual sales at significantly higher than original prices. The member would like to keep the originals for his collection without having to buy replacements. The Hallmark ornament airplanes in question along with the year they were issued are:

  • 2011 Culver Cadet
  • 2013 Gee Bee Sportster Model Z
  • 2008 Ercoupe 415-D (2 examples)
  • 2003 1936 Stinson SR Reliant
  • 1999 Curtiss R3C-2 Seaplane
  • 1994 1917 Curtiss JN-4 “Jenny”
  • 2005 1931 Laird Super Solution (missing from 2017 Christmas party)
  • If you have information on where these ornaments are, please contact webmaster@eaa569.org so we can make arrangements to have them returned. Thank you in advance for your help in resolving this issue.